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I'm affiliated with a wonderful company that supplies a wide selection of ear seeds that use acupressure to help treat anything I treat in clinic. This company also sells kits designed specifically to help with things such as inflammation, depression, weight loss, infertility and insomnia. These are a great combo with my stress reduction treatment. I'm always here to help out with placement too, check them out!

The Formula For uses a unique combination of Chinese Herbs and CBD in a topical cream as well as a topical spray to provide incredible pain relief. They help decrease inflammation and increase circulation which aids the healing process in addition to immediately relieving pain. I really appreciate that there are no harmful ingredients such as parabens, sulfates or artificial fragrance in either of these products. I use them to help with arthritis, injury recovery, chronic muscle tightness and much more!

Available in my clinic

If you would like to make a purchase outside of your appointment time please contact me to make arrangements. 

Love & Oil Facial Oil

0.5 oz

Gua Sha tool and oil Product Photography by Kristina Pearl Photography in Issaquah, WA-072

This simple combination of organic jojoba oil and organic evening primrose oil is perfect for facial gua sha and cupping as well as a gentle daily facial oil for your face and hands.
Ingredients: organic jojoba oil, organic evening primrose oil

Plant Therapy 
Organic Essential Oils

I carry a variety of the brand Plant Therapy's organic essential oils often including lavender, tea tree and turmeric. I recommend essential oils be used only topically at the appropriate dilution. I'm happy to help you learn how to properly dilute them in another oil such as Love & Oil.

Facial Cups

Includes 2 silicone facial cups
1 regular and 1 micro
Available in Pink, Purple, Blue, Teal and Clear

Gua Sha Stones 

I typically have 2 classic shapes available in jade and 1 classic shape in rose quarts.

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