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Facial Cupping & Gua Sha Party

If you are interested in learning how to safely and effectively use cupping and gua sha on your own face at home this is for you!

I bring all the supplies you will need to practice these techniques on yourselves as I guide the group through a simple treatment on myself. 
I also include some education about safety guidelines, anatomy of the face (why we get wrinkles), as well as how Chinese medicine views aging and how so may deeper factors like diet and emotions effect our appearance as we age.
I also bring my stock of facial cups, gua sha stones, facial oil and more to shop at then end of the party so you can leave ready to start treating yourself. For smaller parties I am also able to offer mini facial cupping and gua sha treatments for your guests. 
These parties are typically about 2 hours. 

Pricing starts at
2-4 guests $75 per person
(includes a mini treatment for each guest)

5-8 guests $45 per person


Group Qi Gong Class

I like to describe Qi Gong as meditation meets Chinese Medicine with optional gentle movement. It can be tailored to any ailments I would treat in clinic such as pain, menstrual health, insomnia, infertility as well as seasonal and general wellbeing exercises. Classes can be held for 1 person to large groups of people and can be anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour long. Inquire for pricing for the specific needs of your event.

Acupuncture Events

Acupuncture needles are small and travel easily! All I need to provide treatments is running water to wash my hands and a clean, quiet environment for the patient to rest. Options include my stress reduction treatment for a community clinic style group treatment or individual treatments at a retreat or a pop up in your clinic.
Inquire for pricing for the specific needs of your event. Discounted treatments available for group events. 

I really enjoy bringing Traditional Chinese Medicine to a wide variety of events. If you or your company would like to host a special event or retreat and are interested in partnering with me to offer education and/or treatments including acupuncture, qi gong or facial services please feel free to reach out! 

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